Web development plays as important a role for any business.


Your website is now such a crucial hub of information and business interaction. The list of functions is performs can be broad:


It is your online business listing, complete with contact information.

It is your brochure, showcasing your products and services.

It is your sales pitch, highlighting what makes your business unique.

It is your customer service portal, providing FAQs and information for current and prospective customers.

It is your voice, offering advice, news and opinion through your blog.

It is your means of attracting new visitors through search engine optimization.

It is your storefront, letting customers buy from you 24/7.


This makes it vital that you work with a web developer that is understanding and committed, and one that you can trust to help you grow and succeed online.


Web Development is Not a “Once and Done” Project


“When will our website be finished?”  It is one of the most common questions posed by small business owners eager to consider this item on their to do list complete.  Yet it is not one that has an easy answer and indicates a lack of understanding of how dynamic your online presence needs to be to continue to compete and grow.


As your business scales and evolves your website will need to adapt to fit growing needs. The website will also need to be developed over time to meet the ever-changing digital demands and trends. What is considered to be best practice now may be ineffective, dated or even non-functional in a year’s time.


For this reason, beware of selecting a web developer based purely on price for the initial website creation! Selecting the lowest bidder can often result in paying a higher price in the long run. You want to find a designer that is passionate about what they do, knowledgeable about current best practices, and has their finger on the pulse of changes on the horizon.


Keep User Experience at the Heart of Web Development


Don’t be fooled by looks alone! When viewing website designs it’s easy to be drawn to the sites that look slick and stylish - especially if moving from an older website. However, appearance is just one part of the whole picture. Your website needs to perform if it is going to bring you customers.


Functionality matters, and it matters a lot. It should be easy for your visitors to navigate to what they are looking for, and the site should guide them through any transactions or marketing funnels in an intuitive way.


Your website should be able to handle all of the business activities that you need it to. Think carefully about the different purposes that your website will have. Don’t take it for granted that your web developer will automatically include the features that you need in your website. Be as specific and detailed as possible when explaining your needs to avoid any confusion, frustration and unforeseen costs.



Our Web Design Services

Bespoke website design

This is our bread and butter work. Researching the users and providing a completed website which fulfils the needs of the user as well as achieving its business objectives. At the end of the day this is what it’s all about.

E-commerce websites

We have our own e-commerce website solution that tailors all of the best of e-commerce development and design to create user friendly and crucially barrier free websites. We have now created in excess of 50 e-commerce websites.

User centred design

Putting the user at the centre of any online business strategy is the key to its success. UCD isn’t the fun part of website design but it is the crucial part. We’ll look at user profiling, task analysis, interaction design, website visualisation, information architecture and design to name but a few to propel your site forward.

SEO - search engine optimisation

We design and build websites to perform well in search engines by building each page around a different search term (keyword). We apply a number of SEO tools such as a comprehensive website audit, keyword searched, and link strategy to co-ordination; all of which help to keep your website search engine friendly.

Project management

E-business programmes and projects are notoriously problematic, challenging even the best project managers, so we have built on that experience by putting together a range of helpful services; taking your strategy back to basics, project recovery, project management framework and design implementation.

Web apps and development

Your website is now the critical extension of your brand. It is therefore vital that it can make the most of the new business opportunities offered by the web. Random Spark keeps itself in the vanguard of new web technologies so that we can build ever more dynamic websites.

Hosting with Random Spark

We provide a professional website hosting solution. The standard hosting package will provide clients with their own space on an owned virtual dedicated server with web facilities such as 500MB of web space, a 20GB transfer limit and 10 mailboxes in addition to advanced features for task processing.

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Maintenance and support

This is our service for clients who require a formal arrangement to fulfill their web support and maintenance needs; ensuring that your online web investment is protected and that your web site(s) evolve to meet existing and future customer demands.

Fix-it website review

Our free Fix-it service will provide you with suggestions on how to improve the success of your website by reviewing the design, functionality, usability, search engine optimisation and how closely it supports your business goals.

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