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An advertisement is a great way to engage an audience and deliver information in a fun and creative way.


However, planning and producing video content takes a long time. It can take at least one hour of post-production time to produce one minute of video footage. This means a professional ‘corporate’ video can be very expensive.


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Getting started

A good place to start is to chat to all the people involved. They’ll be able to help you write out a brief once you have discussed your concept with them.


Therefore the sooner you get the Random Spark Production team on board, the better the final video will be. We can support you by producing the video in-house, and give you advice on our process step-by-step. The Random Spark team will help steer you through these key questions:


What is your message? How will you get it across?

Who is your target audience?

What are the key points you need to cover?

Who would be an effective speaker on video?

How long will your video be?

What deadlines are you working to?


Don’t forget that we may need to review your content. If your video contains technical content, the Research and Information Services team will need to check it for accuracy before it is released. This is to make sure that we always tell viewers the right information.


It’s a great idea to provide a transcript of your video. This improves accessibility for all visitors and is important if visitors are unable to view video content. Please allow extra time to create this transcript.



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